[Home Page] Introducing myself

My name is Jos Creusen. I am a man, born in 1950. I live in Holland in Eindhoven, the hometown of PSV, the soccer club. I am married and I have 2 children, a son and a daughter. I work as a system engineer at a major IT-company and building programs is what I do the most of the time, it is also my great hobby.

I am a diabet now since 1986 and I use a pump with a basal usage of 3.5 E humalog and before each meal a bolus of 36 E humalog. In 1995 I started to develop a Windows-program to show and print all kind of graphs from my measured values. I did this in the Dutch language. I used it a long time just for myself. But then I thought, other people also may want to use it.

I began posting messages in various newsgroups to see if people would like to have it. From the reactions it seems, that many people would like to use my program, but I understood, that there should be made a lot of changes to the program, so that everybody could use it without any problem. Well, that is what I've done! In 2000 the program was beta tested, that resulted in some changes in the program.

People have been using it since then and told me that the program worked perfectly for them. There have been several new releases and the latest version is from 27-05-2006.