[Home Page] Purpose of this site

The purpose of this site is to show to a visitor, how my program looks, what kind of graphs it produces and to give a description of the program. Furthermore I hope to get some tips, comments or info from those visitors through email on things they like and / or dislike or changes and / or additions they would like to see.

Furthermore I would like to get sample files from visitors, that show me how software from different bloodglucose meters, that I don't support yet, save their values to a file. It would help me very much if you would send those files including (if possible) a description of the layout of those files to me. By studying these files and descriptions it could be possible for me to change my program, so it could process those files. By doing this a lot of people with different meters could benefit from this, so they don't have to input their values by keyboard.

To see which software programs are supported by my program (and inherited to that which meters), see Soft- & hardware support Besides this I hope to find some people who want to translate my program in languages, I don't yet support, see for details What's new? and then Multilanguage.

Also I'm looking for people, that want to review my translations, I do have. Not all of my program is translated completely for most languages. If I build a new version, there will be more text in my program. This text is default in English and need to be translated. But my translators are not always available, so this text remains in English. It is not a big effort to translate them now completely.

Finally (and most important, of course), I give this program away for free(!!!!), the only thing I ask, is to sign my guestbook and write something about yourself, your health or hobbies and send me an email (after you signed my guestbook!).

If you still want to donate a gift, feel free to do so.