[Home Page] Support wanted

I would like to get support from as many visitors as possible. Anyone can send me an email to tell me what he did and did not like about my program or website.

I would also like to know if you have wishes about my program, to change some things or add some new features or graphs with another viewpoint.

If you don't understand some things on my website or about my program, please let me know, so I can make it clear in the next update of my website.

Also I would like to get sample files with measured bloodglucose values, created with software, that came along with all kind of meters and a description of those files, if possible, so I could try to enable my program to process those files.

At last you could support me in translating the program in other languages or check the current translations and when needed update the translated text. Send me an email, then I will contact you to deliberate with you in what way this could be done.